Let it be known that these episodes are extraordinarily old. Much of the information has expired. But the flavor is still bangin’ (so we tell each other).

Magdalen Vaughn: Mistress of the Wind. Nire Nah: Chief of Police.

With our powers combined, we discuss the structure of our podcasts, who isn’t our sponsor, vague details about Salonathon. We also catch up with a surprise mystery guest, ding ding ding!

The artist formerly known as Bianca Russelberg is the founder of Resonate, a recording project that aims to uplift LGBTQ voices in music.

Our conversation touches on questions of LGBTQ identity, the ultimate battle of balancing artwork with a ‘professional’ life, Motown, marimba, momentous moments, and more. Soundscapes and so forth!

Gannon Reedy is an artistic director of the Runaways Lab theater. He’s also cohost and Game Master of the Neoscum podcast. Savannah Reich is a playwright most recently known for Hatchet Lady, Caveman Play and Pestilence: Wow!

Please be careful of the time travel effects the audio will surely have on your corneas. That’s right, your eyes will be affected by this killer conversation.

Eileen Tull is a storyteller, performance artist, poet, comedian, and one-woman-show person. She is a drama instructor with the Chicago Park District, and co-curator of Sappho’s Salon, a recurring performance series for female-identifying, trans, and non-binary artists exploring gender, sexuality, and feminism.

In this episode, we travel from Planet Drunk to Planet Sober! We get athletic! We hustle harder! We watch fame slip through our grubby little fingers! It’s nice.

Featuring music by Pyzow!