Home is a Four Letter Word

There is a tiny but overgrown network of fictional worlds, available only in portals for the glimpsing. Stories that gain their age through the endless recombination of fragments, filling themselves in some with every retelling. Characters whose corporeality may never be found, but whose homes remain, and whose tales might be reconstructed – from sounds they made, spaces they filled, from bits of knock-kneed iconography. These fictions embrace the fact that there are multiple versions of every mythology – the contradiction of fiction prediction. And thus they grow incomprehensibly slow. The constant readjusting of realities: nothing quite fits, but everything works. Or everything fits, and none of it works. In truth, the whole of this scrappy little epic is exactly equal to the sum of its parts, most of which are really wholes, and all of which are holes. It’s a story full of holes. And that’s the hole story.


The Story a But Rite In


Gretel Undone


Aims Fires


Rounds Fires


The Decline and Fall of Emily Small


Willing Enablers


The Lolly Gag


Calendar Girls


of slow realities,
which are really readjusting
but overgrown their age,
there is a tiny glimpsing :
: or everything, and none.
the everything works epic network of fictionation worlds.
of fragments, whose bits
of versions of retelling tales
available themselves, in some with
(sum of nothing).
stories may never be sounds found
they grow in fits (comprehensibly)
the contradiction fictions of fiction prediction.
the constant whole of this:
little is exactly equal – and thus quite fits – but.
corporeality spaces,
whose homes remain but knock-kneed
(in-portals for that reconstructed fact),
only gain the from they filled;
characters, whose filling the that there
and the might be, from iconography,
are every mythology of it
– these embrace recombination works.
they endless multiple made through a story of it’s and that’s
in scrappy truth to the parts, the most of it.
hole story:
wholes and all full of holes which are the holes.