RhYMeS WiTh fiRE

Nire Nah: Singer-Songwriter & Visual Artist, Chicago. She/Her.Coeur Age // Nire Nah // Preserve Records // 2018“Nire Nah’s Coeur Age feels like having hot tea and macaroons with your inner demons. It feels like the kind of church Satan would start if he gave up hell, but still couldn’t accept a higher power. It feels like a prayer and a funeral parade and a village built out of wishes at the bottom of a well. With production value that will keep the audiophiles happy, instrumentation to delight the musically minded, and lyrics equal parts clever, heart breaking, and strange—this album will remain in heavy rotation for many. Add in consideration for Nah’s voice—which is late Joanna Newsome, plus Joan Baez, plus an enviable vibrato—and Coeur Age becomes a debut to be reckoned with.”

-Annabel Lang, writer/performer, curator of Junior Varsity

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